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Save up to 70% on your ink and toner purchases


Roncco Recycling is one of the premier ink and toner cartridge buy back companies in the Tri-State Area servicing Long Island, The 5 Boroughs, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our buy back program is used by individuals, businesses, schools, hospitals, and government agencies though out the Tri-State Area. We pay top dollar for your used/empty and new/surplus ink and toner cartridges.

Working with Roncco Recycling is free, simple,and great for the environment. Used ink and toner cartridges create over eighteen million pounds of non-biodegradable waste in the U.S. each year. Millions of dollars are left on the table when empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown in the trash. Working with Roncco Recycling we will show you how to turn that trash into cash.

I send my ink and toner cartridges back to the original manufacturer.

When you send your empty ink and toner cartridges back to the original manufacturer you receive nothing in return. When sending your cartridges to Roncco Recycling you have confidence in knowing your empty ink and toner cartridges will be recycled the correct way and a added bonus is you will receive top dollar for these items in return.

I take my ink and toner cartridges to Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot.

Roncco Recycling has free pick up, so why take the time, effort, and gas money to take your cartridges to the office supply store. With office supply stores you may receive store credit, which is only good in that store. Roncco Recycling pays cash or check on the spot, which can be spent anywhere. Also these stores pay one set price for empty ink and toner cartridges, which means you could be losing out on alot of cash.

I use another buyback program.

Roncco Recycling offers some of the highest buyback prices in the industry. We also offer price matching. With Roncco Recycling there is no need to register, just contact us with an address and a list of the items and we handle the rest. You don’t have to pack up any items, just set your empties in a designated spot and we take it from there. With Roncco Recycling we don’t make you wait 3-4 weeks to get paid, we perform a onsite inspection of your empty ink and toner cartridges and make payment on the spot.